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Rissell Law, APC was founded with the mission of providing quality service and advice to its clients. The firm’s main focus is workplace law for individuals. Attorney Melody Rissell Leonard, the founding attorney, is passionate about giving individuals and employees a voice and helping them navigate through difficult and complex legal matters. Melody assists various clients in a variety of workplaces. She is licensed to practice in both California and Nevada with her main office in San Francisco. Attorney Melody understands that the loss of a job or your need to request an accommodation from your employer can be extremely stressful.

Rissell Law takes pride in dedicating time to fully learn about you and your situation. Rissell Law provides guidance on common workplace issues and strives to be attentive and listen to the needs of each individual client. Attorney Melody has experience in both litigation and pre-litigation matters. She is a tireless advocate for her clients—but also understands when a more collaborative approach is required or desired by the parties.

Many Americans rely on their jobs and careers to feed their families. They also take great pride in their work, and it can be a large part of a person’s identity. These are a few reasons why Rissell Law believes workplace law is an important practice area. Rissell Law provides complimentary consultations to prospective clients. The Firm also takes cases on a contingency fee basis (where clients are not billed by the hour) as well as on an hourly basis.

Some examples of common representation and advice and counsel include:

  • Wrongful termination lawsuits
  • Discrimination lawsuits
  • Harassment lawsuits
  • Retaliation lawsuits
  • FMLA/CFRA violations
  • Whistleblower retaliation lawsuits
  • Entertainment contracts
  • Employment agreements
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Offer letters
  • Executive compensation packages
  • Severance package offers
  • Negotiation of higher severance payment and/or better terms
  • Negotiation of an exit package
  • Ghostwriting for employees who wish to clearly convey a message regarding any number of workplace issues or requests for an accommodation without explicitly involving an attorney
  • Workplace investigation representation
  • Select wage and hour matters

Attorney Melody has represented and advised professionals in the education industry, information technology industry, medical professionals, pest control industry, exotic dancing industry, banking industry, fintech industry, pharmaceutical industry, the entertainment industry, janitorial and housekeeping industry, general contracting and subcontracting industries, union laborers, big tech employees, the retail industry, coaching industry, a mortgage industry, a biochemistry industry, et cetera.

No matter what industry you work in, you have rights under both state and federal law. The founder, Attorney Melody Rissell Leonard, believes that every workplace should be free from unlawful harassment, discrimination, and retaliation–after all, it is where we spend a significant part of our lives. Give Rissell Law a call today at 415-874-7288 to discuss your workplace issue or potential matter. If Melody can’t help you for any reason, she can refer you to someone that can.

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    About Melody Rissell

    Melody Rissell believes that the workplace
    should be free from unlawful harassment,
    discrimination, and retaliation – after all, it
    is where we spend a significant part of our
    lives. Melody witnessed discrimination
    and harassment in the workplace…

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